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Why Is Johnny Depp Dragging Elon Musk Into The Amber Heard Lawsuit? Reason Behind Musk’s Involvement In The Whole Scenario

48 years old Elon Musk has been decreed to confide his personal information to Amber Heard in 56 years old Johnny Depp’s slander lawsuit against the star. On Tuesday, Depp registered a citation ordering Musk to give all of his information with Heard linking to her accusations of assault or domestic intensity against the star.

A source revealed Tribunal papers received by The Blastspecifically asked communication from around May 24, 2016, the date Heard allegations Depp assaulted her in their house. The star registered a $50million claim against his ex-wife in March, claiming that she slandered him by scribbling in a Washington Post op-ed that she was descendant of domestic abuse.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp leave Southport Magistrates Court after signing a deal for dog smuggling charges laid against them.
Source: People

She nevermore mentioned him in it but Depp alleges that because their hurtful separation was unrestricted, it assumed he had been severe towards her – something he states is a forgery. In the claim, Depp claimed that Heard was deception on him with Musk during the preponderance of their marriage.

According to a source, the report noted in the citation covers ‘conversations, telephone calls, letters, emails, memoranda, reports, telegraphs, faxes, exhibits, drawings, text messages, and any other documents which confirm or relate to the written or verbal exchange’. Musk was also demanded to turn over every ‘electronic, digital, or any other recorded material whatsoever’. Many bystanders in the slander suit have declared that Musk went to Heard and Depp’s house on the day of the claim of physical abuse.

A source confirms that the entrepreneur and the star were first romantically connected in July 2016, about a month before Heard’s split was ended. The pair divided in August 2017, referring their hectic schedules, and rekindled their bond in January 2018 before splitting a second time a month following.

Depp has claimed that Heard and Musk started noticing each other much earlier, about a month after their 2015 marriage. Heard expectations to beat Depp’s slander action by declaring her accusations that her ex-husband is spirituous with drug dilemmas who routinely hit her, beat her and, at times, was so potent that she lost sentience, sources explained.

Depp rebutted those accusations and contended that Heard was the severe one in their relationship, alleging that he wanted to have his finger surgically reattached after she threw a vodka bottle at him.

A reference shows, Heard’s attorneys have questioned the judge to put the whole case following permit because she speaks, she does not aspire personal information of their friends’ and families’ lives to become public which they surely will if they are presented as an element of the report. Depp, though, declares he has nothing to prowl and aspires to hash the whole matter out openly.

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