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Gmail And Google Maps Gets Dark Mode Out For Android And iOS Users

The move to an optional dark mode on all your favorite apps seems to be more of a reality than ever before. In line with Instagram embracing dark mode via an update earlier this week, Google has now begun teasing a dark mode toggle for most of its popular apps and services.

The first batch of Google apps to see the rollout appear to be Gmail and Maps, but do bear in mind that it won’t work unless you’re on Android 10 or iOS 13. Google also teased dark mode for Maps via its official Android account on Instagram. The post suggests the feature should already be available on Android 10 soon enough, but there’s no mention of iOS just yet.

If you look closely at the ad posted by Google on Instagram, you’ll find a handful of system-level functions like blacked out notifications, shots from the Digital Wellbeing division of the frames menu, and dark mode for Google Photos. There’s balanced a fragment of a Google image research that’s dark out.

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Google has been operating on a dark mode for the interconnection through Chrome for a while instantly but has yet to complete it, so this could be signaling of that befalling as well.

Folks practicing a recent Samsung phone with One UI can get in on the action as well, even before Android 10 launches for Samsung phones (which is something we noticed with Instagram’s dark mode as well), so not everyone needs to wait for Android 10 for the goodness to begin.

If you require to analyze out this mode, here is how you lavatory does it.

How to empower the dark mode in Google Maps

  • Step 1: Open Google Maps on your device.

  • Step 2: Work on the menu list by continuing left corner

  • Step 3: Settings then tap on Navigation settings after than pat on the color display

  • Step 4: Switch on the for “Night” option

Now you can just go back to the home page and enjoy the dark theme.

Added accessible app that has received the dark mode in Gmail. You can facilitate the aforementioned mode if your device is either running on iOS 11+ or Android 10+.

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