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Knife Crime Escalates As Two Teenagers Were Stabbed To Death Within 5 Hours In London

Two teenagers were found fatally stabbed in London.

A fifteen-year-old boy was knifed to death outside a busy shopping market in Stratford, east London, on Thursday, October 10.

5 hours later, deputies were summoned to the Brandon Estate in, south London, where they saw an eighteen-year-old man with stab wounds. He departed an hour later, the Metropolitan police stated.

The Police and eyewitnesses to the Stratford stabbing said the boy’s friends rushed to help after he was stabbed outside a McDonald’s at the Stratford Centre. Later he was identified by police as Baptista Adjei, from North Woolwich.

One eyewitness said: “At that time there were not many people around him so I could see him all covered in blood. He was in distress and tried getting up. There were other people around gathering. It was scary as you did not know if either of them could have had a knife too.”

One street vendor said he saw paramedics trying to deliver first aid to a “young guy”.

I saw police officers around here and one person was on the ground, I think they killed him,” he said. “It was a youthful guy. I think the ambulance guys tried to give him first aid.

Another boy, also aged 15, was also found with stab wounds and was taken to an east London hospital, where his wounds were said to be not life-threatening.

Police officers called these incidents a “senseless attack” and have urged for eyewitnesses to come ahead.

DCI Chris Soole, who is directing the inquiry, said: “First and foremost our cares are with this young man’s family and his friends. They so tragically are having to come to courses with this terrible loss of life. The victim of this stabbing was a schoolboy with his whole career ahead of him. He had everything to exist for.”

As of now, no arrests have been executed in either of the places, police said

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