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Monster NYPD Cop Who Molested A 10-Year-Old Girl, Arrested

A New York Police Department cop has been indicted for physical assaulting a young girl of 10 years old. The officer was caught on Thursday, October 8, after the associate cops developed a suspicion on him regarding the physical assault to the ten-year-old girl of one of the neighbors.

The sources declared that a 39-year-old NYPD cop, Shaun Frazier, was, in fact, found that he had molested the 10-year-old. Shaun Frazier then turned himself in the facility of Brooklyn District Attorney.

Shaun Frazier didn’t know about the accusations that were on his end. He came to recognize only after the Police Officer busted him. He further dismissed the allegations and told how ashamed he was. Shaun also alleged that everyone is going to listen to many notions about him and his personality, but at the end of the day, none of them would be valid.

Shaun Frazier used work in the New York Police Department of Maintenance. He is currently free but suspended without pay. After the hearing was heard at Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday afternoon, Shaun was released without bail.

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