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Mother Who Allowed Her Boyrfriend To Physically Abuse And Torture 2-Year-Old Daughter Until She Died Walks Out Of The Prison

A mother, who did nothing and just saw her boyfriend beating and murdered her two-year-old daughter, could walk free from prison as early as 2020.

In 2011, two-year-old Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was beaten to death by Warren James Ross, 30, after he caused frustrated with the little girl because she was not toilet-trained.

During his trial, the court understood that the girl’s mother, Donna Deaves, sat and observed as her daughter was beaten and tortured by her boyfriend.  Tanilla’s stepmother Brooke Bowen said to a Current Affair that Deaves didn’t deserve to be released from jail for what she had done.

The violence increased with Ross hitting the toddler frequently, striking her head on a glass shower screen and a cupboard door.  The beatings were so critical that she lay motionless in a pram for two days until she finally stopped breathing.

Deaves was finally condemned to nine years jail for the manslaughter of Tanilla while Ross was convicted to 40 years for murder. She told if she had the chance she would explain the parole authority to examine the last days of Tanilla’s life and what she went through before they executed a decision.

Ross has now been charged with attacking two other young girls, identified to Tanilla, in the lead up to her death.

Mrs. Bowen ha snow began a petition asking for Deaves to be kept behind bars and told if the fresh accusations against Ross were right then the system disappointed three little girls.

If Deaves is successful in her bid for parole she will walk free before the end of 2020.

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