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Stepfather Molested His 12-Year-Old Stepdaughter And Tried To Silence Her By Offering A Car!

A stepfather who molested his 12-year-old stepdaughter while professing to check her body for rashes tried to silence her by buying the car.

The Perth man touched the girl privately and took off her clothes while pretending he was looking for a rash.

The incidents occurred monthly over several years but the stepfather denied his acts were physical.

This is not it, he had also molested the girl’s younger sister.

He faced court on Thursday having been convicted of five charges ranging from the molestation of a person under 13 to improper assault.

The man was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail.

It is acknowledged that when the eldest girl started to feel uncomfortable, he tried to bribe her with a car.

Her youngest sister had also become a victim of her stepfather’s physical assault after he forced her to touch him while they showered together.

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