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Two Girls Hospitalized After Father Gave Them Wine ‘Instead Of Milk’!

A Father named Mykola In Ukraine crossed all the limits of irresponsibility as Two young girls have been hospitalized with acute alcohol poisoning after he reportedly gave them wine instead of milk.

Two sisters aged four and two were found unconscious in the street in the village of Chaplynka in the southern Kherson region.

Their father had reportedly filled their bottles with wine after failing to find milk in the fridge. 

Police have since launched a criminal case for failure to fulfill parental duties against their father.

Police spokesman Yaroslav Shanko said: “The father said that the children drank wine on their own and he knew nothing about it.

“But the girls said that it was their father who gave them the beverage.”

Tetiana Shotik, a woman living next door, told local news: “The girls were lying motionless on the ground. We tried to wake them up but failed. There was a strong smell of alcohol and we called an ambulance.

“Before that, I saw them in the street near their house. They were singing something unintelligible and were unsteady on their feet.

“It looked strange but I thought they were playing some kind of a game.

“They had baby bottles with a pink liquid in their hands.”

The sisters were rushed to hospital in a life-alarming condition, where they were diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning.

Police are now hoping to track down the girls’ mother, Olga. In the meantime, social services are collecting documents in order to sue the parents and remove them of their parental rights.

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