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Here’s How You Can Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp ‘Dark Mode’ is an innovation that has remained in the headlines for almost a year now. There have been significant unofficial UI crevices of the new dark ‘battery saving’ mode but the confirmed launch of one of the numerous explored after the highlight has not been presented yet. Almost every important application like Gmail, Google Chrome and even Facebook’s Messenger possesses a dark mode now, and we can no longer remain pause for WhatsApp to shift from the default green color to a darker greyish color.

Dark Mode feature is the most awaited feature and users can’t remain pause to have it. This feature is already accessible on other messaging programs and WhatsApp should ought it immediately.

WhatsApp is constantly going to link unique and exciting features over its platform. We earlier know that it is achieving in a dark mode for its iOS-based platform that would be pleased with iOS 13’s dark theme.

We also understand that is accomplishing on developing a bunch of other points such as the Hide Muted Status modernizes feature that would totally hide the muted statues as objected to conferring them in grey supporting a separate sub-section in the Status tab, which would significantly help users adjust stickers, emojis etc on photos, videos and GIFs properly. But the most exciting story that has shaped ripples amongst the WhatsApp users is the disappearing messages feature.

For those of y’all who were not sure what this character would do, here is a brief. WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature would permit users to fix a time deadline after which the message that they have wished would die l

How you can enable WhatsApp dark mode on your Smartphone:

  • Go over to your Settings > then tap Display > hit the Select theme >then tap on Dark.
  • Once the dark mode feature is turned on, go to your Settings then hit About phone.
  • After that scroll down to find ‘Build number’ and hit on it seven times.
  • You will see a message saying ‘Developers options is turned on’. Tap on ‘Override force-dark’ to apply the dark theme to other apps.
  • The dark theme is now approved on WhatsApp.
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