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Memory Card Found On Street Reveals Shocking Footage Of An Alaska Man Killing A Woman, Arrested

A Person has been detained for death after a memory card labeled “Homicide at midtown Marriott” that included images and videos of a homicidal attack was located on an Alaska street, Official told.
A woman called Anchorage police on September 30 to tell she discovered an SD card lying on the ground, and that it included a frightening clip from early September that showed a woman being beaten, molestation and suffocated, according to court reports.

The SD card included 39 photographs and 12 video clips, the court reports stated.

Some of the footage clips showed a woman “screaming and struggling to breathe,” and trying to struggle back, reports said. In another video clip, the suspect is seen scuffling on the woman’s throat with his feet, reports said and giggling as he chokes the victim.
Photographs also showed the victim in the back of a vehicle, reports said. The victim was later recognized as Kathleen Henry, 30-year-old, police said Thursday.
Police deputies have charged Brian Smith, 48-year-old, with first-degree manslaughter, and said he had a room filed at that hotel in question during that time period and a car matching the vehicle seen on the video clip, and that his accent resembles the voice detected in the video, court reports states.

Investigators affirmed that Smith’s phone pinged “to a location on Rainbow Valley Road along the Seward Highway within moments of the last still photograph from the SD card of the woman in the back of the black truck,” according to court reports.
On October 2, two days later the SD card was discovered, Kathleen’s remains were found near Seward Highway, the Anchorage Police Department asserted.

Brian Smith was taken into confinement at an Anchorage airport on Tuesday, October 8.
Brian Smith has pleaded not liable. His lawyer declined to comment to sources on Friday.
A relationship between the victim and the suspect was not clear.
The police officer said it “extends its gratitude to the citizen who stepped forward with the evidence.”
Her actions “played an instrumental role” and “serves as another illustration of when you see something unusual, say something,” said police.

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