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Police Officer Killed His 3-Month-Old Daughter While Teacher Mother Silently Watched The Crime

A New Jersey police officer is pleaded guilty of murdering his 3-month-old daughter.

A suspended Ewing Township police officer is charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of child endangerment for the death of infant Hailey Bannister, who passed away on December 2018.

The baby’s mother, former teacher Catherin Bannister, was indicted on a second-degree reckless manslaughter charge and a child endangerment charge after allegedly failing to report ongoing abuse.

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According to autopsy reports which were presented in court revealed that Hailey had nine skull fractures, numerous fractured ribs, and brain bleeding and the toddler died because of blunt impact head trauma.

Medical personnel told that Hailey had a cardiac arrest and she was immediately rushed for the treatment. She fought for her life for several days but couldn’t succeed to overcome her injuries.

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Daniel Bannister abused his daughter from October 4, 2018, to December 5, 2018. Along with fractured ribs, brain bleeding, and head trauma, Hailey suffered from severe eye damage from extensive shaking.

When the investigation started the duo denied that they abused their girl and Mrs. Bannister told that they had some misunderstandings and Hailey was a cranky baby.

But police officers revealed the messages between the couple which showed they both knew about the incident and child’s condition.

Catherine took Hailey to the pediatrician multiple times but couldn’t find anything. Court also revealed that Mr. Bannister stopped his wife not to go to the doctors for checkups of Hailey.

This couple has another 2-year-old child who was also sent to check bruises and abuse but he was totally fine.

Both suspects are being held behind bars without bond.

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