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Teen Mom Waits To Find Her Unborn Baby’s Status After Got Stabbed By Ex-Boyfriend!

A pregnant mother Kayla Witek who was constrained to stabbing insanity by the father of her unborn son has revealed how she survived the harrowing ordeal.

Kayla Witek, from Melbourne, was 18 when her ex-boyfriend John slashed her nine times and made her fall down the stairs.

The father-to-be broke into Ms. Witek’s parents’ home where she was living and rushed the knife into her stomach, head, back, and chest.

‘He grabbed me so quickly,’ ‘He just started stabbing me in the back. I didn’t feel anything and I had no idea what was going on.’

Ms. Witek was left with serious injuries including a broken back, ribs and a punctured lung – but miraculously survived thanks to the heroic actions of her sister.

‘I fell down the stairs and then he just kept on stabbing me, that’s when I started feeling it, I started screaming and that’s when my sister came.’

Ms. Witek’s life and that of her son, now aged three, were saved thanks by the actions of Natalie (Tilly) who put her life on the line to defend her.

She recalled how Tilly dragged her into another room to try to get her away from John while desperately fending him off.

‘I put my hand on my back and that’s when I saw I had blood on my hands and still remember my sister and her friend putting pressure on my chest to stop the bleeding.’

While the 18-year-old was worried about her survival, she’d also feared her unborn child had been harmed during the attack because she couldn’t feel him move.

‘I couldn’t feel the baby move, I couldn’t feel anything.’

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