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Woman Killed By 6 Foot Log Pushed Off Cliff, 2 Teens Charged After The Incident!

Two Ohio teenagers were arrested Thursday on charges of heedless homicide in connection with the death of a 44-year-old woman.

Victoria Schafer was killed by a falling tree branch on Sept. 2 near Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park.

At the time of her death, officials at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that there was evidence of individuals being on the top section of the park when it happened.

Investigators determined early on that the 6-foot log was pushed or thrown off the cliff.

Schafer was the owner of Victoria Schafer Photography and well-known in the community for her contributions to various causes.

The teens are in custody at the juvenile detention center in Lancaster. Their names are not being released because of their ages.

On Oct. 8, a tip from a caller allegedly indicated that one of the juveniles sent text messages to a classmate stating he had done something serious at the park with another juvenile.

Further investigation by ODNR and the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office led them to the two juveniles in custody, who allegedly admitted that they were involved in forcing the log over the cliff, according to the release.

The two juveniles had a detention hearing Friday afternoon, Hocking County Juvenile Court Administrator Jamie Green said.

Both denied the offenses at the hearing, according to the complaints.

The two will be held in juvenile detention until further order of the court. The case has been continued for pretrial.

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