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Man Brutally Shot In Front Of His 13-Year-Old Daughter While Minor Watched Everything In Horror

Police officials are hunting for the person who attacked and killed a 39-year-old Houston resident in his residence in front of his daughter.

The crime happened on June 11 at an apartment complex off Braeburn Glen Boulevard in southwest Houston, near Bissonnet.

Police officials told Rigoberto Vargas arrived home after a long day of work in building work and was getting ready to play with his seven-year-old daughter.

A man attacked Rigoberto Vargas as his little girl unlocked the door to greet him. The girl saw her father get shot three times in the back, police officials stated in a statement.

They say Rigoberto Vargas died in front of his girl, brother, and his common-law wife. Another person in the residence, who police want to keep his identity confidential, was also shot but endured.

Prosecutors released a new video clip of the suspect Thursday, the day before the 4-month anniversary of Vargas’ murder. The video reveals a man in a navy blue T-shirt running from Rigoberto’s residence.

Police officials said that surveillance video from the washateria next door reveals the suspect waiting in shrubs for approximately an hour before Rigoberto arrived at his residence.

Police officials don’t have a reason and said Rigoberto wasn’t robbed either. Rigoberto’s brother, Jose Sarmiento, says his brother was a hardworking person who kept to himself and spent what little available time he had with his family members.

His 7-year-old daughter unlocked the door and saw her father take his last gasp,” said Alex Vinogradov, a prosecutor on the case. “Let’s get justice for his daughter.

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