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Venom Spider-man Crossover Confirmed By Venom Director Ruben Fleisher

Recently in an interview with the director of Zombieland 2 Ruben Fleisher along with FANDOM and rest of the cast of Zombieland, Fleisher was once asked about a crossover between Venom and Spiderman. Here’s what he has to say.


Ruben Fleisher is not directing Venom 2, it is Andy Serkis. He additionally stated that he is comfortable to hand over the assignment and in the interview, he stated, ” I am excited to see how Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Webslinger come together. That’s where it is all going to lead, And it truly is the interesting thing. In the comics, Venom originates from Spiderman and we completely modified the storyline due to the Marvel – Sony thing. It is going to be thrilling to see the two confront each other”. So, this very well confirms that Venom is coming into the MCU. There were some plot leaks on how he would enter but they are but not confirmed. Also, a few days ago, Tom Hardy posted a photo of a man wearing the Iron Spider suit on Instagram but he quickly removed it. Some people got to see however many did not see it. So, this very well means that Venom is coming into the MCU.

So, this was the breakdown. Write down in the feedback below if you have any thoughts on how Venom can enter the MCU. Also, write down in the feedback below if you are excited for Venom 2 as Andy Serkis is going to direct it.

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