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Sony PS5: Accepting Pre-Orders For The Next-Generation Gaming Consoles.

Sony is also resembling to renovate the PS5 controller. The entirety of the key intentions for Sony, Ryan recommences, has occurred to “backpedal” the DualShock. He mentions two significant additions, the first obtaining an enhanced accent on haptic technology to substitute the reverberation that is currently accessible in the DualShock 4, and the second being the extension of adaptive triggers.

The ‘PlayStation 5’ name was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan in a statement on Tuesday. Not only does he reveal that the PlayStation 5 will launch in time for “Holiday 2020” but he also reveals some details about the new controller coming with the next-gen gaming console. Notably, the new PS5 controller will come with a brand new haptic technology to replace the “rumble” technology found in previous controllers.

The game will dynamically respond to your query after asking a question. Sony might be trying everything they can to get the upcoming PlayStation 5 an edge over competing for the next-gen console – the Xbox Scorpio so as to compete with its rivals an to be in the top list.

With the upcoming PS5 (PlayStation 5) and Xbox Scorpio set to be the next-generation consoles of next year, Sony’s new patent filings show that they are trying to launch a feature that hasn’t been seen in gaming consoles. Sony might be working on a voice command feature similar to iPhone Siri or Alexa to work with the PlayStation. Sony plans a voice assistant feature that will link directly into the game, your console (probably a PS5, let’s be honest), and your phone to give you tips as you need them and it will dynamically respond to that.

If Sony gets successful in making a voice assistant that could be asked questions regarding a game, mid-game, it would truly be astonishing. It would definitely bring Sony’s console away from the “gaming only scene and will help Sony to compete with Xbox,” as until now, Xbox has been seen as the king of gaming +multimedia/entertainment. This type of assistant would bring interactive console gaming to a whole new level.

The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is confirmed to be launched during the Holiday 2020 season. In this regard, pre-orders for the next-gen gaming console are now active. As per reports, the console could be booked by paying a 50 Euros upfront deposit. The actual price of the gaming unit would be known only when the final prices are updated by Sony. The retailer, accepting the pre-orders now would then deduct 50 Euros from the final price of the PS5.

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