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Texas Officer Charged With Murder Of A Black Woman In Front Of Her 8-Year-Old Nephew Resigns After Committing The Crime For No Reason

Aaron Dean (34), was imprisoned on a $200,000 bond after the police chief told that he acted without reason and would have been fired if he hadn’t quit.

A white Fort Worth police officer who shot a black woman to death through a back window of her home while answering to a call about an open front door was charged with murder on Monday evening after resigning from the force.

Police bodycam video revealed Dean addressing to the door of the home where Atatiana Jefferson (28), was caring for her 8-year-old nephew early Saturday. He then wandered around the side of the house, pushed through a gate into the fenced-off backyard and shot through the glass a split-second after yelling at Jefferson to reveal her hands.

Dean was not heard recognizing himself as police on the video, and Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus told there was no sign Dean or the other officer who answered even knocked on the front door.

Earlier in the day, Jefferson’s family had asked that Dean, a member of the force for 1 year, be fired and jailed.

After a neighbor phoned on a non-emergency line to describe a door ajar, police went to Jefferson’s home around 2-25 a.m

In a statement over the weekend, the department told that officers detected someone near a window inside the home and that one of them drew his gun and fired after “perceiving a threat.”

The video revealed Dean yelling, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and immediately firing.

According to the family’s attorney, Jefferson was staying up late, playing video games with her nephew, when she was shot.

As for what, accurately, directed Dean to open fire, the police chief told, “I cannot make sense of why she had to lose her life.” The chief told Dean resigned without speaking to internal affairs investigators.

The video included images of a gun inside a bedroom. Mr. Kraus told that he did not remember whether Jefferson was carrying the weapon. But he told the mere fact she had a gun shouldn’t be viewed unusual in Texas.

“We’re homeowners in Texas,” the police chief told. “Most of us, if we believed we had somebody outside our house that shouldn’t be and we had access to a firearm, we would be acting very likewise to how she was acting.” Mr. Kraus told that, in hindsight, publishing the images of the weapon was “a bad thing to do.”

Mayor Betsy Price declared the gun “irrelevant.”

“Atatiana was in her own home, caring for her 8-year-old nephew. She was a victim,” Ms. Price said.

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