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A Bradenton Mother Is Charged With Beating Child, Which Ended The Child Having 55 Stitches, Police Says

A Bradenton resident is accused of crime aggravated child abuse after she beat her kid with a metal broom handle, as per the Bradenton Police Department.

Police officials say, Tabitha Rhodes, 32-year-old not only strike her 13-year-old kid with the metal broomstick but snapped it on the kid and remained striking the victim after it broke.

Police officials say the episode occurred on October 6. Police got the case from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Services division on October 15 and after an inquiry, an arrest warrant was received. Rhodes was brought into confinement on Wednesday.

Police officials said during the inquiry, the child had originally lied to school officials after a number of cuts were discovered on the kid’s body. The kid described why Rhodes began striking.

According to the arrest warrant, the kid said his mother beat him many times with the broom but did not receive the cuts until the broom snapped and she remained to hit him, angry on his overnight bathroom accident.

After the “thrashing,” the kid went to his room and Rhodes appeared into the room and saw the injuries and took the child to Manatee Memorial Hospital, the report states.

As per the report, Rhodes appealed with the child before taking him for medical care not to be honest, even presenting him with a false story that he got into a dispute with neighborhood boys and they forced him into a bush.

Don’t tell anybody or you won’t be able to see me,” his mother said to the kid.

The kid needed 10 stitches on one of the cuts on his arm and 45 stitches on his back.

The mother was booked into the Manatee County jail on the charge without bail, according to the records.

A Bradenton Mother Is Charged With Beating Child Which Ended The Child Having 55 Stitches, Police Says

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