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Jonah Hill Reportedly Blown Off Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’, Details Inside!

Jonah Hill is no longer in discussions to enter the cast of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” an individual of the project told.

The Oscar nominee was earlier in talks to play the Riddler in the upcoming Batman project. The British film star

Robert Pattinson is poised to star as the Dark Knight. the American Filmmaker/ director Reeves took over as director after Ben Affleck moves away from the role. Ever since

Reeves has called the film as a ‘defining’ and ‘very personal’ story about the Dark Knight, rather than an original account of Frank Miller’s beloved “Year One” series.

There has been rumored for months that Hill was the frontrunner to play the nemesis, the Riddler.

The character made the first appearance in “Detective Comics #58” in December 1941 as a Gotham City mobster and a boss of organized crime in the City.

The Riddler mastermind in Gotham City who wants to incorporate riddles and puzzles into his scheme of criminal activities. He is one of  Batman’s biggest enemies. The character was played by Frank Gorshin in the 1960s T.V series “Batman”. And on the big screen by JImcarey in 1995’s “Batman Forever”.  The upcoming Batman franchise’s movie has a screenplay written by Reeves and he producing alongside Dylan Clark. And  Michael E. Uslan is executive producing.

Recently, the  21 Jump street star is  in “The Beach Bum” and directed and wrote “Mid90s.” He also worked as an executive producer on “Good Boys.” And his upcoming project is as a producer on “The Ballad of Richard Jewell.”

Narrative, WME and LBI Entertainment represented Jonah Hill.

The upcoming “The Batman” will hit the screen on June 25, 2021.

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