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Helena Hunt Involved In A Huge Car Accident, Now ‘Safe

Academy Award-winning entertainer Helen Hunt was raced to the medical clinic after a rough auto accident in LA which flipped over the SUV she was riding in.

The 56-year-old on-screen character was the main traveler when another vehicle cut Helen’s and flipped it on to its side.

Helen, who rose to notoriety in the TV show Mad About You and furthermore featured in What Women Want, The Sessions, and Castaway, was quickly hurried to the emergency clinic.

TMZ got a video of the accident, wherein it would seem that Helen’s SUV has a make way over the crossing point, yet gets cut at last.

Subsequent to griping of agony, Helen was taken to a medical clinic in a steady condition and left a couple of hours after the fact.

Her rep disclosed to TMZ Helen was shaken yet didn’t endure significant wounds.

The state of the driver of her vehicle or of the other vehicle isn’t yet known.

Nobody has been referred to for the accident and it’s accounted for medications or liquor are not thought to have been at fault.

Helen has kidded on Twitter about consistently being confused with individual on-screen character Jodie Foster.

She shared a Twitter photograph of her beverage that she’d had made by the barista at Starbucks and which was named ‘Jody’.

“Ordered my drink @Starbucks Asked the barista if she wanted my name. She winked and said ‘We gotcha’ #JodieFoster,” Helen wrote on tweeter.

During an appearance on The Late Show in 1994, Helen uncovered how “many individuals” disclose to her that she looks like Jodie Foster, who is likewise 56.

She told have David Letterman: “Last Thanksgiving it was my business to purchase the Thanksgiving turkey, and I was in the grocery store and I got to the checkout counter with my 100-pound turkey or something, and the person is looking at me and says, ‘You’re Jodie Foster’.

“What’s more, I stated, ‘I’m really not, thank you.’ ‘No you are, I know you’re Jodie Foster.’ ‘I’m imploring you, I’m not, I’m truly not’.

Helen needed to demonstrate to him her ID before he would trust her and after that, he pulled back his idea to give her the turkey for nothing.

She clarified: “Not any more free winged creature by any means. He needed to give me a free turkey, and after that, I’m not Jodie Foster, so pay up.”

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