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Men Convicted For Recording Physical Conduct With Teen Girls

According to the charges, two men accumulate a couple of 16-year-old girls, made them drunk, and then through cell phones, they started recording the physical encounters they had with them at a Little Canada apartment.

The suspects, Michael Anthony Koenig and Chase Dominique Johnson, both 24, are now charged with using the minors in lewd works.

Reportedly, both the suspects, Johnson and Koenig first picked up the teens on this past March in Koenig’s Jeep and brought them back to his Little Canada apartment. They provided girls the vodka, and both got massively intoxicated, charges state.

The men proposed the girls to take off their clothing, and then they joined in physical conduct with them while filming it on cell phones, the complaint told.

Koenig drove them back to one of the girl’s homes later that evening after her mother called her cell phone repeatedly. At some time, the girl phoned her mother, but the woman could only hear “tussling” in the background, charges state.

She yelled that the daughter required to return home quickly or she’d call the police, the complaint stated. Koenig and Johnson reportedly left the teens off shortly thereafter.

One of the girls realizes the next morning that a SnapChat application had been added to her phone with a message from Johnson including lewd emojis.

The teens quickly understood the men had posted the videos taken of their encounter with others on SnapChat and Facebook, and that Koenig had posted one of the videos on a lewd website.

In addition to using minors in lewd works, the men are charged with two counts of possessing lewd works involving minors. A charge of dissemination of the materials imposed on Koeing. Neither had an attorney registered for them in court documents.

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