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Two Sisters Mocked A Disabled Homeless Woman And Then Brutally Beaten Her

Two sisters mocked a disabled homeless woman for being a hunchback and then brutally beat her in the street. The whole incident recorded in a CCTV.

Because of the attack of Katie Thomasson, 24, and younger sister Molly, 21, victim Jodie Gillett suffered from a broken nose and a smashed eye socket.

Miss Gillett was in the hospital for two days as a consequence of being repeatedly punched and kicked in the face in Worcester city center on March 16.

CCTV reveals Katie approach the victim, who experienced from the curvature of the spine, pretending to hobble along the street mimicking a hunchback.

She then seized Miss Gillett by the hair and punched her multiple times in the face before Molly joined in.

Last week the evil sisters, both of Worcester, were imprisoned after confessing about causing grievous bodily harm.

Katie was jailed for two-and-a-half years while Molly was jailed for two years at Worcester Crown Court.

Miss Gillett experienced bruising and swelling to the left side of her face and left eye, a deviation and fracture to her nose and a small fracture to the inner wall of her left eye.

Detective Constable Heather Leech, of West Mercia Police, told: “This was a very serious crime that was hugely traumatic for the victim and we are pleased that justice has been done for her.”

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