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A Horrifying Event Occurred In Cambodia, A French Traveler Pulled Into a Vehicle Before Being Abused by Local Men

A French traveler was pulled into a car and repeatedly molested by three men at a famous holiday destination in Cambodia. 

The 43-year-old was strolling home from an eatery in the early hours last Friday, October 11, morning in Kampot, a city in southern Cambodia.

Three local men pulled up adjacent her just after 3 am and proposed her a lift back to her hotel before supposedly dragging her into the car. 

The 43-year-old travel dragged into a car and molested by three men. The victim had come from Paris, told the police. Later, the men drove her to a secluded area where they declined to let her go. 

The Victim told all three men later repeatedly molested her before driving her back at 5.40 am.

The victim made a police complaint following that day and police officers caught the suspects at separate places on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

The provincial police officers said: ‘The report was examined in detail and the arrests were performed a few days after. All three suspects were apprehended and they admitted to committing the crime.‘ 

CCTV cameras from the city, which is popular among travelers, shows the victim wearing a short black clothes and backpack while strolling home after leaving the Golden Time restaurant in city of Kampot. 

The white Toyota Camry then drew up adjacent to her. Video displays a man talking to her with the door open. 

The victim told police officers she had been drinking and ‘doesn’t recollect the incident surely’ but had given sufficient particulars to trace the men. 

The first, a brutal theft and abuse, occurred on Victory beach on July 20. The other, three days later, included an Australian woman being assaulted by a tuk-tuk driver when recovering from Otres beach in the initial hours of the morning. 

Cambodia has a booming tourism industry, with 6.2million international traveler arrivals last year, up approximately 11 percent from a year preceding. 

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