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A Teen Killed Herself Moments After Describing Her Mother That She had Been ‘betrayed’ by ChildLine For Providing Her Confidential Details to Police

A girl aged 16 killed herself moments after telling her mother that she had been “betrayed by ChildLine” when they transferred her secret details to police officers.

Jesse Walker reached the counseling foundation via live chat assistance from her room to admit she was having self-destructive thoughts.

The ChildLine operator knew only that the girl was called Jesse and the family residence was in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

When Jesse Walker cut short the conference ChildLine foundation was so concerned for her well-being that they reached the National Crime Agency and urged them to ascertain the IP address of her computer.

The National Crime was able to track down her residence address and after a short time, a Police officer was called at the house at 1.30 am.

The officer verified she was in no immediate danger and left.

But when the youngster woke the subsequent morning and found ChildLine had distributed her personal details with police she was devastated.

Her mother Heather told the Court: “Jess was so furious that her faith had been breached and the police had been encompassing.

She said she exhibited betrayed by ChildLine. She said she was exhausted and went back to sleep. She did not go to college that day.”

When Heather reappeared in the evening she found her daughter Jesse hanging with the ceiling.

Paramedics made endeavors to preserve her life but she never regained consciousness and succumbed later the same evening.

Heather told no-one had reported that her daughter was at a suicide risk and the “beautiful soul” had been a catastrophe of a “catalog of errors” by those thought to be supporting her.

Coroner Jonathan Heath wrote a narrated verdict that Jesse had been found deceased by her mother after leaving suicide notes.

A spokesman, which runs ChildLine, stated: “This is terribly sad and our thoughtfulness is with Jesse’s family. But, we cannot reflect on particular cases.”

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