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Man Stabbed Girlfriend To Death Because ‘She Would Not Let Him Make A Cup Of Tea’, Later Calls His Mother

A court heard, a man who brutally murdered his girlfriend told that he snapped when she would not allow him to make a cup of tea after he experienced long-term abuse.

Last year, Michael Foran strangled and then repeatedly stabbed June Jones to death in the neck and heart in December last year.

He then hid her body in an empty bath for three weeks, saying her family that she was with friends when they attempted to contact her.

Eventually, police were warned and they arrived in their home in West Bromwich on the morning of New Year’s Eve last year while Foran hid and observed.

Minutes later he called his mother Christina in Ireland, describing her: ‘I’m going to be up for murder. She drove me mad. Nearly ten years now. Done. She’s done my head in.’

Foran requested his mother to cover for him but she denied and said to him that he should hand himself in, but rather, he went on the run.

While begging outside a Poundland in Liverpool, he was convicted five days later and is now on trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court where he has confessed manslaughter but refuses to murder.

Anthony Berry QC, defending, read transcripts in which Foran spoke to his mother, Christina, while in custody following his arrest.

The trial now resumes.

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