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An Eavesdropper Beaten To Death After He Was Caught Snooping, Florida

A South Florida resident is facing a homicide charge after beating a person to death.
As per the Fort Lauderdale police officers, Victor Vickery fatally beat a person who was eavesdropping into his girlfriend’s window as they were having physically intimate.

Victor Vickery, 30-year-old, of Delray Beach, was apprehended Thursday, October 17, in the death of Asaad Akar.

According to an arrest summary, Victor Vickery and his girlfriend were in a bedroom in her Fort Lauderdale residence when the duo heard a scratching noise originating from the window.

Victor told officials that they had dialed the police in the past because of suspicion of eavesdropper outside.

According to the statement, Victor ran outside and saw a man holding by the window.

Police declared that person was Akar, who had a past criminal record for sneaking and eavesdropping others.

A scuffle broke out amongst the two while Victor’s girlfriend dialed 911.
Victor told police that Akar, 57-year-old, struck him first. Akar succumbed in the hospital less than two hours later.

As of now, Victor is behind bars for a $100,000 bond.

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