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Google Maps: Know This Interesting Feature ‘Waze’ That Is Loved By Drivers But Hated By Cops

Google Maps is starting to resemble a lot more like Waze. Google today declared a series of new features that will let drivers practicing the Maps app on iOS to inscribe accidents, speed traps, and traffic jams.

And on both iOS and Android, users will be capable to inform other driving hazards and conflicts, like road construction, lane ends, disabled vehicles and something in the road. These are all essence Waze features and among the primary causes why many users opt for Waze over Google Maps.

The purpose is that Google Maps appears to be a more reliable, faster-loading map program that provides substitute routes on long trips instantly.

This week, however, Google declared the following best thing: Beginning immediately, drivers will be qualified to report hazards, slowdowns and speed trap immediately on Google Maps. Certainly this has been worked out in some circumstances to Android phones, but it will not be accessible across the board — on Android and iOS.

The Waze feature — and probably the new version on Google Maps — makes no difference between police that are running speed traps, DWI checkpoints, or simply relaxing by the side of the road.

However, Waze is still more beneficial for planning a trip by correlating to your personal calendar or Facebook events, while Google Maps has preferably concentrated more on supporting users to plan their commutes. Waze also is more social and involves a carpooling service.

The advantage of more users shifting to Maps indicates more aggregate data to support the power of Google’s other products. Data acquisition from Google Maps is behind innovations like those that show the wait times, popular times and visit duration at local businesses, for example.

Google Maps is a jumping-off point for Google’s My Business platform, which has more newly been challenging Facebook Pages by enabling Maps users to support their favorite businesses to track promotions and events and even message the businesses directly.

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