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8-Year-Old Who Hanged Himself With His Sister, 4, Didn’t Wanted To Die Alone Due To Bullying

The newly released audio conversation between dispatchers and first responders in Albany Town in Pennsylvania likely sheds light on the losses of 2 young siblings discovered last month by their mother dangling from a basement support beam close to chairs that had been leaned over.

In audiotapes obtained by sources of Allentown, dispatchers inform the police to a 911 call from the parent of eight-year-old Conner Snyder and Brinley Snyder, four-year-old.

The dispatcher notifies the police officers of the circumstances, saying that the mother, named Lisa Snyder, told them that her son Conner was “dominated” at school and “made warnings of doing this” before.

As the audio proceeds, the dispatcher transfers to responding officers that Conner had particularized in his warnings that he “didn’t want to go alone.”

Both deaths continue under examination.

Lisa Snyder declined to discuss on the audio when reached by the sources Wednesday. The sources report that, after her kids perished on September 26, 3 days after they were flown to a nearby hospital, she updated her social media profile with a photo and the stating, “Terms scar, lies destroy, bullies kill.”

Both kids were found motionless by their mother, hanging from opposing ends of a cable on the afternoon of September 23.

As per police, the kid’s mother retreated to their home around 4:30 p.m., seeing two dining room chairs leaned over on the ground near her kid’s bodies.

The children were motionless and in cardiac arrest when they were discovered, but doctors revived while they were transported to the hospital. 

But, on September 26, both kids were withdrawn from life support, departing within fourteen minutes of each other.

A reason and method of loss are still pending.

No arrests have been conducted yet.

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