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A Four-Year-Old Kid Found Father’s Handgun Which Resulted In Injury Of Her Father And Herself

The Milwaukee police said a Four-year-old girl pulled up her father’s handgun on Sunday, October 20 morning and unexpectedly shot herself and her father. The event occurred near 61st Street and Morgan Avenue at about 10:15 a.m.

Gladfully, the girl and her father were OK, both suffering wounds not considered to be life-threatening. They were treated at a local hospital.
Police officers said the Thirtythree-year-old father of the four-year-old girl lied to police officers about the details of the shooting and was taken into administration with charges transferred to the district attorney.

“Any time there is a tragedy, it hurts all of us,” said The Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin Coordinator Lisa Klindt Simpson.

Klindt Simpson, the Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin coordinator, serves to anticipate these kinds of circumstances.
“There are some easy tips for the parents and caregivers can watch to help keep their family safe if they have a gun in the house,” said Klindt Simpson.

First and principal, she advises putting the gun in a secure, locked space, out of the range of kids.

“When you store that firearm, always store the munitions separately,” stated Klindt Simpson. “Make sure the key is remote from where the lock is so it’s not available to children.”

It’s approximated that approximately 1/3 of families with kids 17 and under have a gun in the house, so Klindt Simpson suggested both physical and verbal steps be exercised to keep children safe.

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