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Mother Discovered Hugging Dead Daughter In Boot Of Her Car After Killing Her To Spite Ex-Husband

A mother is imprisoned for life after murdering her young daughter in a bid to spite her ex-husband.

Lisa Batstone, 41, choked her daughter Teagan, 8, and bundled her body into the back of a car in 2014 with the purpose of taking her own life.

She was later detained and jailed for the killing, which took place years after she and Teagan’s dad Gabe split in 2008, divorcing two years later in 2010.

In 2014, Gabe started getting endless texts, calls, and emails from his ex-wife alleging there had been an emergency but when he would answer, she would argue with him and hang up.

Later that year in December, Gabe had been to attend his daughter and dropped her off at school in Surrey before he left to head back to Ottawa.

After doing so, he got a text from Lisa saying “It seems you’d rather I disappeared”. He didn’t know what she meant.

Later that evening, Lisa said to Teagan that they were going to camp in their living room, making up makeshift beds. Then the following morning, the mum text her ex-husband telling their daughter was sick so she would not be going to school.

At lunchtime, police got a 911 call saying a woman had crashed her car into a ditch.

When they appeared at the scene, they discovered the driver’s seat empty – and Lisa curled up in the boot cradling Teagan’s dead body and a kitchen knife.

According to officers, Lisa kept repeating “I just wanna die” and told she wanted her little girl to be with Jesus. She criticized the incident on her struggle with mental health.

Following a two-hour interview, police discovered Lisa had killed Teagan to spite Gabe and assure he did not get custody if she took her own life.

She had suffocated the schoolgirl with a plastic bag and then placed the body in the car with the intention of crashing and killing herself.

In 2018, she pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, however in March this year she was found guilty and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 15 years in September.

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