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‘The 100’ Season 7: Latest News And Other Major Release Date Updates

‘ The 100 ‘ is ready to say goodbye. The SyFy series has been a solid commitment over six seasons, triumphing at that intersection between the ‘young adult’ and science fiction capable of reinventing itself again and again. But bad news has come for his legions of fans: the seventh season will be the last.

What began as a futuristic version of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, with a hundred teenagers thrown into a land that was believed uninhabitable to survive with limited resources, eventually became an expansion of a world full of different cultures, travel interspatial, and even paranormal phenomena. Now he faces his final stretch with numerous plots and conflicts that must find a happy ending. Or not.

The announcement of the end came in the summer from the hand of its creator, Jason Rothenberg.

The sixth season of the series has closed many loose ends and has dismissed very important characters throughout its history, but there is still much to solve in the face of a final ending. ‘The 100’ still has no return date, but Rothenberg already knows where to throw. In an interview with Nerdist last year, he said the following:

“I had this idea of ​​how I wanted the series to end. But it was climbing and that ending could have been at the end of the third season, or the fifth season, or the eighth season. Those decisions are not really mine. I don’t think this is one of those series that last 10 seasons, but I love these characters and this world so much that every year is a new beginning for me. We tell a different story every year so as not to get bored with it. I still have an end in mind, but I don’t know when that end will be and I am very, very sure that I will eventually tell.

Ambiguous, at least. What is clear is that ‘The 100’ has earned a very fast ‘fandom’, which is expected to arrive not only from that final season but from a more than likely ‘spin-off’ . Would the original actors be willing to do so? Who, or who would be the protagonists of that new incursion into the universe of ‘The 100’?

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