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Geomiq, A British Engineering Company, Offers $130,000 To Put Your Face On A Robot

A British engineering and manufacturing firm called Geomiq has put out a call for individuals keen on being the face of another “state of the art humanoid” it’s performing with an anonymous organization.

“The organization is looking for a ‘kind and cordial’ face to be the exacting essence of the robot once it goes into production making,” Geomiq states in a blog post about the experiment.

“This will involve the chose individual’s face being repeated on conceivably a huge number of versions of the robots around the world.” The robot line has been in progress for a long time, Geomiq says, and will bring about a result for seniors.

Geomiq says the organization behind the bot that may appear as though you are privately financed and has gotten investments from free VCs and a “top store” situated in Shanghai. Past that, everything’s moderately strange.

The blog entry doesn’t share age or gender parameters, just asking individuals who need to permit their face to present a photograph by means of email for the opportunity at £100,000 (about $130,000, AU$188,852).

Applicants who make it to the “following stage” will evidently get full details on the test. The mystery, Geomiq says, is because of a non-disclosure agreement it’s marked with the robot’s creator and venturers.

I’ve connected with Geomiq to discover more about it, similar to how a lot of the individual’s face will be changed to fit the robot’s structure and why the designer isn’t utilizing an artist to make the robot-face given what amount is comprehended about the style and mechanics of depicting character through the model and visual skill.

With the number of grown-ups more than 85 expected to significantly increase by 2050, as per a few appraisals, robots intended to stay with the older are winding up progressively normal.

They additionally fill a practical need, accomplishing things like reacting to voice directions, offering proactive notices and guidance and giving relatives a chance to monitor conditions at home.

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