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NASA Issues Warning Over Asteroid Predicted To Hit Earth Five Days Before Christmas!

Our planet could be rocked or something might happen during the Christmas festival as an Asteroid with the size of the world trade center is earth-bound. The asteroid is known as 216258 2006 WH1 which the closest approach to our planet is on December 20 just days before Christmas. The 540-meter space rock is the almost equivalent size as the World Trade Centre and would effect a significant measure of damage of properties and infrastructure and mass extinction.  

The asteroid 216258 2006 WH1 is currently considered to be rushing towards the Earth at a speed of 43,200km/h or 26,843mph. The asteroid’s trajectory could be further affected by a phenomenon known as the Yarkovsky effect. This effect happens when the moderate force of sunlight steer asteroids into Earth-crossing orbits. Applying the Yarkovksey effect scientists were able to determine the most accurate determination of an asteroid’s orbit to date.

The asteroids 216258 2006 WH1’s 540-meter diameter would likely cause destruction across the globe. 

On the Torino Impact Hazard Scale, this asteroid hasn’t yet been measured, but will probably be listed as a serious threat when and if it is added. It is intended to communicate for the asteroid impact hazard monitoring community.

This Scale, adopted by the IAU in 1999, is a tool for classifying potential Earth impact events. The scale range ranging from 0 to 10 with associated color coding. A revised version was introduced in 1999 at a conference on Near-Earth Objects (NEO). 

The scale currently estimates the possibility and consequences of a potential impact event. A 10 on the scale indicates a collision is certain, capable of global climatic catastrophe that may endanger the future of civilization. A 1 on the scale means to a routine and “normal” discovery.

 The exaggerated press coverage as scale 1 asteroids was relatively frequent, so the terminology had to be switched to “normal” to avoid mass panic and attention. For these asteroids, the estimations show the chance of collision is very unlikely with no reason for public attention or concern.

More than 20,000 space rocks are ranked as NEOs out of the 829,361 known asteroids and 3,592 known comets in the system. 

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