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Call Of Duty Mobile VS PUBG Mobile: Features That Make ‘Call Of Duty Mobile’ The Ultimate Winner

For a long time, PUBG Mobile has ruled the mobile battle royale. There’s been a small issue of Fortnite, but PUBG’s actual challenger appears in the form of Activision’s latest, Call of Duty: Mobile. Those games are viewing to draw on an element of realism in many forms or to some degree which giving you a blend of intense combat, variety, and different gameplay modes and massive multiplayer action.


What is the difference between these mobile games?  

Well, when we talk about graphics it’s Unreal Engine 4 Vs Unity engine; PUBG Mobile is powered by the Unreal Engine, while CoD: Mobile runs on the Unity engine. Unreal is often correlated with photo-realistic visuals, while it’s assumed that it takes a lot more work to get Unity games to look as polished; which is one of the variations you’ll immediately find in these two games. But they are graphically different characters.

 PUBG Mobile seems to have a lot more fine aspects, while CoDM feels graphically dense but not quite the same level of clarity.


There’s a greater sense of open space in PUBG Mobile also feels like everything has a little more breathing space while in CoDM things look a little more thickly plastered, definitely in terms of the maps. One will find in PUBG that finer details, like the type of ammunition lying on the ground, aren’t as clear in CoD.  


The Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t look bad but it’s also portraying a slightly different world. 


One thing of CoD: Mobile we love about the gaming environment are some of the destructible environments that there are windows to break and fences that smash and CoD: Mobile also has a lot more in the way of explosions whereas PUBG Mobile doesn’t have much in the environment you can destroy. 


When we talk about gameplay modes; PUBG is a battle royale. Tencent has its hands in both games, it’s no wonder there are similarities, notably around the controls, which are similar both in layout and on-screen elements.PUBG seems like it’s battle royale first and with a range of Arcade modes second. 


CoD: Mobile is different. It opens a 5 vs 5 battle in smaller areas instead which include crash, kill house, crossfire, Nuketown and hijacked and in several different modes; frontline, deathmatch, dominations and search and destroy. 


PUBG took a year or so to attempt this type of multiplayer and CoDM instantly feels more engaging and dynamic, you can it plays better with a range of different maps to play on. 

And, battle royale in CoD: Mobile is currently on one map, with zombies which are not just a copy of PUBG Mobile. 


One of the big differences between PUBG and CoD is how you upgrades and load-outs. PUBG Mobile is usually about outfits, themes, and skins with the energy to start the game having a steampunk outfit or be dressed as a clown. But in CoD: Mobile is a lot more straight-laced because you’re an operator ready to go to battle.

It gives a lot of character styles and some accessory items like the color of your wingsuit and ‘chute, but not the opportunity to choose all your clothes and body features.



PUBG begins with no weapons in the battle royale, while CoDM provides you a knife and some skills. But gaming arcade modes you can have a lot more freedom from CoD. PUBG Mobile is a just simple survival game at its core circle: every gamer parachute in, find weapons, survive and win. But in Call of Duty Mobile, you start with little, gather more quickly, and also have a full range of skills that PUBG doesn’t offer. 


In CoD: Mobile usually lets you get to bigger weapons faster. You’ll find a rifle with a scope , truck with a minigun mounted on it , rocket launchers, sticky grenades and things like drones and UAVs to remotely locate and attack other players, all of which expand the range of combat options which making it feels busier but PUBG can have seconds of immense calm when you spend many minutes gathering without seeing another player’. 


We’ve noticed that sniper shots are often lethal in CoD: Mobile. In PUBG Mobile, usually, you’ll take a couple of shots before you’re completely gone. PUBG is providing snipers a longer range to shoot from because of more open maps.


PUBG Mobile players will spontaneously grasp how to play CoDM because they are comparable enough to just transfer battle skills over it. when it comes to arcade mode, Call of Duty offers a better arcade experience; better for face-paced action, sliding around, launching hunter-kill drones, etc.  But in the battle royale, we still hold that PUBG looks better and the pace of the game feels very different. 

Umesh Kapoor
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