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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Star Henry Golding Teased About His Biggest Movie! Here’s What It Is

Henry Golding was once a Hairdresser before turning into a box-office star in Crazy Rich Asians. And now, he is even hoping to further improve his standing in the film industry as a producer.

But the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star has been teased about his role in the movie. The critics have raised a question on him that whether he was Asian enough to get play the role. Remind you that Golding is half-British and half-Malaysian as his father is from England and his mother is from Malaysia.

Golding said that throughout his life he had struggled with his half-British and half-Malaysian identity. He said that the one thing that he learned very young was to own his identity. And he knew that he is an Asian and there is nothing to prove in that. He also said that when he has questioned continuously about it he did not shy away from it or was not heartbroken and said that the best way to fight with these sorts of stuff is opening a dialogue and that is what we did.

The acting career of Henry Golding is quickly taking off after Crazy Rich Asians but he is also facing a challenge with his wife Liv Lo. When asked he said that it was not filming of the movies or the marketing that they have to go around the world for but it was the fact that her wife was going through so much distress in knowing that she had to watch him fall in love with somebody else. He said it is such a weird voyeuristic thing, seeing somebody cheat on you. It looks so real.

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But he confirmed that he and his wife were able to overcome the situation and have resolved the issue. So we hope that Henry Golding will continue rising up the same way despite of the small problems that he had to face.

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