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DC’s Joker Will Soon Hit Another Huge Box Office Milestone! Here’s What It Is

Okay, so with the movie “Joker” premiering last month in the cinemas, here is another report that it has achieved a milestone in the box office. The movie has turned into a mini ATM machine churning out cash one week after the other and it does not look like this machine would stop any sooner.

With such a huge worldwide audience, fans have only one question in their minds, will “Joker” be able to hit one billion dollars worldwide? Well it looks like it is definitely getting closer to it as the movie is expected to earn nine hundred million dollars by the end of this weekend. And that is so amazing because the movie has been in theatres only for a month!

Todd Phillips made this movie in around fifty five to seventy million dollars excluding the marketing costs but it is past time that his and all the crew’s hardwork has already earned that coin. It started breaking records for the October release and guess what? It has now become the highest grossing R-rated movie of all times. Fans are expecting that it will surely lead to Joaquin Phoenix getting at least an Oscar nomination, if not an absolute win.

Forbes expect that Joker is to pass Man Of Steel’s $291 million domestic gross this weekend and also for it to pass six hundred million dollars at the international box office that too in which China is excluded. It is said that Joker has passed Spiderman: Homecoming’s $880 million and Spiderman three’s $890 million and is soon and it will also be eighth ranked biggest solo comic book movie ever!!

Fans are so astounded after watching the movie Joker. All are thinking the same thing. Now, what is next? People are not sure about it but they have a guess that Joker might rebel The Dark Night’s record of 1.004 billion dollars if it manages to hit that major milestone and yes of course it is very hard to believe.

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