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Will There Be Joker Sequel? Here’s What Joaquin Phoenix Has To Say About It

Stretching back to when our beloved actor who lead roled in the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix says that he has never done a sequel to any movie ever since he was eight years old. He never thought “Joker” would ever offer him a sequel, too.

Joker is Todd Phillips’ film and it was designed as a standalone story that would exist, in every conceivable way outside of the DC Cinematic Universe. It is a grim, unpleasant take on the origin of arguably of the comic book world’s most popular villain.

Phoenix said in an interview for the upcoming cover story in the envelope that he guesses the fear was that you would get locked into doing something frequently that you do not really care about or something that does not excite you. He shared that part of the whole attraction of him enacting as Joker was that there was no expectation. Moreover, he did not sign to do extra movies. It was a one-off.

But now that the film has rocked the box office in just a month and the situation has completely changed with the movie earning about 870 million dollar till date and it setting a record for the highest grossing R-rated movie, those gears of commerce are surely turning in the minds of the Warner Bros. executives. Albeit Phoenix, whose super duper enactment as a troubled comedian in this movie has landed him in the race for Oscars and he insists that Phillip and him would never do a follow up because keeping in mind the Hollywood logic. He said that he of course will not do a sequel because the first movie was a success. He says that it is absolutely ridiculous.

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But that does not completely mean that Joaquin opposes the production of a sequel. In fact he shared that during the shooting of Joker, he and Phillip were mulling over the idea of further continuing Fleck’s psyche.

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