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Matrix 4: Will It Happen? Release Date, Cast And Major Plot Details Are Here

Guess what people? Matrix 4 is happening, yes, Matrix Four is HAPPENING! Also, Warner Bros. has answered most of the questions that fans asked.

The question with which we are left is whether we will see Neo again after the end of Matrix Revolutions? Fate is on our side, this question has been answered to. Matrix 4 is officially working at Warner Bros. and also with Village Roadshow pictures and to set, direct, write and to produce the tale, they have employed Lana Wachowski. They have reported that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will continue performing their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively. The production of the film, according to the outlet, says could begin at the top of 2020.

But sadly, not many details were disclosed about the addition or reduction of any cast member. For example, no information is shared on the question that whether Laurance Fishburne will continue to enact his role as Morpheus, or not? But it is surely hinted that he might be recast probably for a younger take.

Wachowski shared in a statement that many of the ideas that she and Lilly explored about 20 years ago, of their reality, are even more relevant now. Lana adds that she is very happy to have these characters back in her life and she is grateful for this another chance she is provided to work with his friends.

Now it is very confirmed that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne will be seen in this movie but there are some additions to the cast. Yayy!

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The news is that The Iron Fist actress Jessica Henwick has joined the cast of Matrix 4. Well, with this no information has been revealed to anyone about the name of this new character but most people think that it might be in the leading ones or who knows might be the leading character.

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