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Arrow Season 8 Will Plant A ‘Spin-Off’ For This Arrowverse Character Before The End Of Oliver Queen

As everyone is aware of the fact that ‘Arrow’ is coming to end after the current running season 8, the CW is busy in planning the future of Arrowverse.

A new spin-off series named as the ‘Green Arrow and The Canaries’ will continue to the legacy of Oliver Queen and Green Arrow and his team. The cast of this series include Katherine McNamara enacting Mia Smoak, Katie Cassidy playing Laurel Lance, Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake.

In Arrow season 8, Mia’s plot will get a backdoor spin-off while the CW has already created an opportunity for another spin-off in season 8 episode 3 whose title is ‘Leap Of Faith’.

Thea Queen and Speedy who is the younger sister of Oliver and a formidable hero in her own right is the favorite character of Willa Holland’s. Thea faces off against Thalia al Ghul, in a final battle for the decision of who will be inheriting the leadership of the league of assassins.

Thea absolutely loves her role as the daughter of the demon but completely refuses to follow the path that her beloved role requires. Thea tells Talia that she do not really believe in the whole fate and destiny thing. She adds her thoughts saying that everyone can make their own choices.

Albeit Talia has self-doubt over herself, Thea assures the older warrior that her mistakes can be forgiven. Together, the two powerful women then set out in order to rebuild the League as a place that fits for heroes, not Killers.

Thea will, of course, face quite a bit opposition from both splinter faction and who can say even the old enemies from darker times which will obviously make up a very exciting tale to be told.

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Guys, to be honest, Thea is one of the best characters to ever appear in the Arrowverse and though we all are aware that this episode is good enough to say goodbye to her, it would be quite amazing if her story is continued.

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