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Christmas Carol: First Trailer Of Tom Hardy’s Star-Studded Spooky Tale Is Out, See Here

Who has not heard the most often told festive ghost story named “The Christmas Carol” and to our surprise FX and BBC are teaming up this winter to bring it to us?

It is a mini-series rather than being a single movie arriving from the minds of Stephan Knight who is the writer of a gritty victorian drama called Taboo. It’s executive producers Ridley Scott and producer Tom Hardy and it is possible that the Venom star might also appear. It is the most important unique selling point of the series and is expected to be a hit.

Ebeneezer Scrooge will not be played by Tom Hardy as you can see in the trailer provided. Guy Pearce has all of its honor coming to him. The ghost of the Christmas part will be played by Andy Serkis. Stephen Graham will be Scrooge’s dead partner named Jacob Marley with Jason Flemyng joining him as the ghost of Christmas Future. There is an obvious gap in the Christmas lineup and it is guessed that Tom Hardy might fill the role of Christmas present but nothing confirms can be said right now.

Joe Alwyn is going to enact Bob Cratchitt, Vinette Robinson as Mary Cratchitt and Hardy’s real-life partner named Lottie will be played by Charlotte Riley and this is the rest of the cast. This mini-series will stretch till three episodes of at the least of sixty-minute duration.

As the original novel which is written by the author, Charles Dickens is a pretty slim tale, you will not be considered wrong if you assume that Knight might be taking a lot of liberties with the tale and also might inject in some new plot which will give this story we so well know, which will give a fresh breath to us.

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Here is the official trailer that has dropped off.

This movie will come in December to haunt your holidays but a specific release date has not been announced yet.

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