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Man, 28, ‘Physically Abused’ And Beat A Woman For Straight Two Days Calling Her His ‘Slave’, Arrested

A British man has been imprisoned for 9 years for physically molesting a woman in an attack in a Spanish holiday resort.

Grammar school-educated former rugby player Dylan Rory Rogers, 28, attacked his 23-year-old victim for having physical contact with her over a two day period.

Prosecutors accused him of pepper-spraying her on one time and throwing eggs at her on another as well as making her dance without clothes for him and calling her ‘his slave’ the day of the first molestation.

On another time he was told to have changed her SIM card in her phone, leading to her losing all her contacts so he could exercise greater control over her as part of the condition of dominance he imposed on her through the abusive exercise of his authority and physical superiority.

After ordering her to perform a lewd act on him and molesting her on August 7 last year, he prevented her from leaving the apartment the following morning.

Explaining how he hit her and smashed her head against the wall while he molested her and grabbed hold of her neck.

Rogers, who has been kept in prison since his arrest last August, was imprisoned for nine years after confessing to a crime of physical assault and another of wounding.

Prosecutors had been seeking a total sentence of 34 years – 15 each for two separate counts of physical assault – before his courtroom confession, which made part of a plea bargain deal.

As well as the prison verdict, he was also required to do 80 days of community service and given a restraining order lasting 21 years, preventing him from reaching near his victim or attempting to contact her.

The woman he molested, a 23-year-old European, was in court to watch him being sentenced.

Rogers was detained by police after his victim succeeded to flee their 8th-floor apartment in S’Arenal, a holiday resort on the eastern end of the four-mile-long Playa de Palma near the island airport, and inform a neighbor.

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