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People Prefer To See Marvel At The Theatres And DC At Home, New Study Shows Reports

Going to watch a movie in a theatre has its craze like you dress up, order eatables, and sit comfortably. It has its sort of scenario. But nowadays people have started to not go to theatres but instead watch the movies at home. They think watching movies at home is way more convenient and may they are right.

Before, people had to wait until the movie was allowed a home release. But nowadays, it is not uncommon for movies to skip the theatrical experience and go straight to an online streaming service. Martin Scorsese might claim that Marvel movies are destroying the Cinemas. But the Irishmen, his own newest video is itself getting a minimal theatrical release before it will get available on Netflix for streaming purposes.

And after looking deeply into new franchises, it can be concluded by the studies that movie goers are less expected to watch a DC movie in theatres than a one released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fixed did a survey on moviegoers, which were about one thousand in number, and he reported that seventy-five percent of them find it better to watch a movie at home rather than getting up and going to a theatre for it.

Also one of the interesting part tat the study has shown us related to the life long debate of Marvel versus DC and the survey resulted in providing the information that sixty-six percent people would prefer to watch a Marvel movie at home which is less percentile than the one of DC’s because seventy-three percent of people would watch a DC movie at home.

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As we are all aware that Avengers: Endgame was a movie that wrapped up a whole of twenty movies launched by Marvel and also has the spot of highest-grossing film and that too just in its theatrical run. So it can be said that Marvel movies are more watched in theatres than at home while DC has never made much of the very hit theatrical production except for this year with the movie “Joker”.

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