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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1 ‘Title’ Revealed! And It Certainly Shades Over Arrival Of New Characters

In the yawning gap of time that is the gap between Stranger Things seasons, we must fasten on to any clue we can notice. The official Stranger Things writers’ Twitter account has just published a pretty sizeable one. The Stranger Things Season 4 is expected to still be a year or more away, but we already grasp the name of its first episode: The Hellfire Club. It was reported on the Stranger Writers’ Twitter account last night, and it hints the script is completed in some form.

We had to imagine based on the looking for new members we’d say it’s a new name that our main gang has given themselves. Maybe as an homage to the many times, they’ve come into close connections with terrible, otherworldly beasts. An event that takes place every year on the anniversary of Will Byers’ disappearance the title was released to mark Stranger Things day.

‘The Hellfire Club’ will indicate something to Marvel fans in particular which is the name of a group of X-Men villains that debuted back in the ’80s during the eventful Dark Phoenix part, and notably brought the character Emma Frost into the X-Men comics.

The group is a criminal illuminati-type group, with an evil British vibe which a version of this group appeared in 2011’s movie X-Men: First Class. The Club was also a real-life group of rich British people that existed in the 1700s. This may be just a working title, given how reserved plot details around the show are and the name may conjure up thoughts of a group of villains.

Season 3 dropped in July, and the gap between that and season 2 was about 20 months. It suggests that the best probable scenario is we’ll see season 4 in late 2020, or at best early 2021.

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