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The Walking Dead: Trailer To The Next Episode Brings Us Closer To Maggie

Alright, so the Whisperers are causing huge destruction as we can witness in the new Walking Dead season ten trailer. We are going to have a good enough closer look at the horrors that Alpha and her band of walker skinned members are going to pour on our members of the survivor team. Also, we get some new clips featuring Carol, Michonne and Daryl to round out the teaser.

This new trailer as can be seen above this begins with the sentence that now is the end of the world and we embrace all death.

It is obviously much cheerer than we can actually expect from a group of creatures that have already put Jesus to the sword along with mounting the head of Tara, Henry, and Enid on a pike to mark their territory.

And it is obvious that they will not be progressing towards their goal of destruction without facing an oppose. We can see Eugene spy using his binoculars while Aaron and his new mother Rosita are in ragged clothes.

When the disappearance of Maggie Rhee in season nine of the series The Walking Dead got no explanation, rumors began to spread as to where she could have gone. While people often brought her up in the conversation because of not forgetting her, there was no information yet disclosed about her whereabouts. The series is now going to launch its new tenth season in the AMC and Fox UK no one still knows where Maggie is.

Even though it is known to one about Maggie, readers of the TWD Comic Books think that they know where Maggie might be. The fans also think they can conclude something about Maggie from season eight of the series.

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If anyone remembers, then try focusing on the fact that Maggie bumped into Georgie in episode twelve of season eight.

Georgie is the leader of her own unknown community which is called the commonwealth and is believed to be an adaptation of Pamela from the Comics.

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