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Todd Phillips Reveals The True Ending For Sophie’s Character In ‘Joker’

Okay so after the fans have watched the movie Joker, they are quite confused about its ending. If you have not watched the movie yet, and are planning to watch it pretty soon, this post might contain spoilers that you will not want to come across.

So after a wait, the director of the movie ‘Joker’ has finally revealed the answers to whether a certain character in the movie, lives or dies.

A very significant plot that the movie Joker employed, was the very significant relationship of the lead role of the play Arthur (Joker) with his neighbor, Sophie. Arthur and Sophie fall in love or so the movie will make a way for your mind to explore in a romantic direction. But to be honest with you guys, the entire relationship of the couple was completely in mind. Yes, that means they had no actual thing together.

This is employed in our notice when Arthur visits Sophie’s flat and she gets quite alarmed given, they had no relationship in real life.

Then the movie shows to us Arthur going down the hallway with no resolution and here the very same question of her being killed or alive comes into mind. Well, one of the writers of the movie named Phillips, has confirmed the fact that Arthur did not kill Sophie.

Phillips shares the information saying that Arthur definitely does not kill Sophie. He says that they really like the idea of ending being a litmus test for the audience to say “How crazy is he?”

Most people that Phillip has talked to, think that Arthur did not kill Sophie because he started killing only those people who have ever hurt him and in the movie there was no given reason that Arthur must kill her given he is in love with her and even he is a villain, he follows a certain code.

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