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Asteroid Warning: ‘Delay Might Become Fatal’ As Asteroid Approaches Close To Earth With Nothing To Destroy It

Expert has warned it will be too late as humans are not taking the threat of asteroids seriously until one comes crashing into our planet. Though the odds of a major asteroid hitting Earth are small; the agency believes that there is a one in 300,000 chance every year that a space rock which could create regional destruction. It is very unlikely, a massive asteroid could come hurtling towards Earth at any moment. But when it surely does happen and experts say it will be too late to save the human race.

Bryan Walsh, the author of the book End Times, told in his book that it is human nature to not be too concerned about the threat of civilization destroyers like asteroids as it is not something we have faced in our existence in recorded history. As he wrote: When I began working on this book I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with merely investigating the ways our world might end.

He continued: I wanted to determine what we can do to protect ourselves, which policies and which priorities need to be put into place to give human beings the best chance of making…

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other space agencies such as the European Space Agency(ESA) do have some hypothetical strategies to defend Earth which they are examining; one is the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), which will be used to redirect the path of an asteroid when it heads towards our earth. Currently, NASA is working in conjunction with the ESA on the craft and hopes to have the first outer space tests by 2022 where it will try to move a “non-threatening” asteroid.

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Another alternative would be to utilize Earth’s vast nuclear arsenal to destroy the space rocks. Researchers from the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(Tomsk State University) already explained how to destroy an asteroid with a diameter of 200 meters using nuclear weapons which is best to fire nuclear explosives at the space rocks when they are traveling away from us.

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