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Convicted Girlfriend Killer, 34, Admits Killing Off Another Woman Who Was Pregnant With His Child

A Cumberland County man who was condemned to 15 years in jail a month ago for pounding the life out of his sweetheart has conceded to killing another sweetheart who was pregnant with his kid.

Daniel J. Brennan, 34, of Greenwich Township, conceded in August to a charge of first-degree irritated homicide for the July 2018 executing of Leeann Foltrauer, 31, in her Pitman home.

Days after he has condemned, all things considered, he argued to a similar charge for the 2011 passing of Courtney Allen.

He faces 20 years in the Allen case, however, that sentence will be served simultaneously to the first, as indicated by his supplication understandings.

Brennan was initially accused of first-degree murder in quite a while.

Allen, 24, was found in a room cellar at her Vineland home on New Year’s Eve 2011. Her reason for death was governed “asphyxia because of neck compressions” and the examination uncovered the pregnant lady had been moved and “repositioned” before police landing at the home.

Allen’s tribute portrayed Brennan, her live-in sweetheart, as her life partner and father of her 2-year-old youngster.

He was talked with multiple times about Allen’s demise and gave conflicting explanations, police stated, however, the case stayed unsolved for over six years.

During those meetings, Brennan conceding deceiving police when he initially disclosed to them he was at home the prior night Allen was found.

He said that subsequent to getting back home with Allen around 10 p.m., he disclosed to her he needed to return out to trade medication at Walmart. He really went through the night with another lady before coming all the way back the following morning and nodding off on a first-floor family room sofa, Brennan guaranteed. Instant messages acquired by examiners uncovered Allen was vexed Brennan had not gotten back home and that she took steps to keep him out of the house.

Brennan was accused of that murdering a long time after his capture in Foltrauer’s passing.

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A clear break in the Allen case came a year ago when specialists got a tip from another lady who had dated him.

She told specialists that Brennan attacked her during a household debate, hitting her with a belt and vowing that “he was going to execute her like he slaughtered Courtney,” as indicated by the sworn statement of reasonable justification recorded in the Allen case.

Investigators never said precisely what proof drove them to at long last record charges in Allen’s passing.

Brennan’s open safeguard as of late attempted to have his announcements to police in the Allen case smothered, contending that he was addressed without accepting his Miranda admonitions.

Under terms of the supplication understanding in the Allen case, investigators will prescribe a 20-year sentence, 85% of which must be served before he is qualified for parole.

Condemning is scheduled for Dec. 2.

That sentence will be served simultaneously to the sentence in the Foltrauer case. He should likewise serve 85% of that sentence before he is qualified for parole.

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During his condemning hearing in the Foltrauer executing, loved ones of the unfortunate casualty reviewed her as a benevolent lady who deserted a youthful child.

Brennan met Foltrauer through the Tinder dating application and in the long run moved into her home. He was blamed for limiting her options, pounding the life out of her, at that point taking her vehicle and plastic.

A neighbor detailed hearing an “upheaval and boisterous commotion from inside the home” and an observer told examiners that Brennan said he had a battle with Foltrauer and took her Nissan Rogue.

Police got surveillance camera film in New Jersey and Delaware areas that gave him utilizing the card to make buys and attempting to utilize it to pull back cash from her ledger upon the arrival of the executing.

Brennan sold the vehicle for $100 before his capture days after the fact in Mount Ephraim.

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