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Kelly Severide Is Leaving Chicago Fire? Here’s What We Know

News are coming that series Chicago fire could lose one of its biggest stars. The Officer Of Fire Investigation has a new member transferred to it in the most recent episode of the NBC show. This was combined with a tweet that Derek Haas has tweeted got all the fans of the series worrying that Kinney might leave the show after its 150th episode.

Kinney has not yet confirmed or even said anything in respect of his future again, fans are pretty worried because reports say they will be seeing a lot fewer characters at Station 51 for unfortunately the rest of the year.

There is a Chicago Fire fan that asked Haas on Twitter that what can we expect from Casey and Kelly this season to which the showrunner of the series replied that they both would not be at Station 51 until the winter break in the series. Here is a link to the comments of it;

Surely, Severide will return to the show, but it will not be until January of the year 2020. But we are relieved to know that Kinney is not going anywhere for at the least about two weeks. It is confirmed that he will be seen on the episodes aired on November 13th and November 20th of Chicago Fire as he is in between solving his Office Of Fire investigation.

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This information was brought to us by NBC’s official synopsis for Chicago Fire season 8, which has been given the title of ‘Seeing Is Believing.’ Severide is seen solving his case of Office Of Fire Investigation, and in this way, he begins his assignment, but he gets off the wrong foot when, despite the orders that are given to him, he still opens an old case. This was the logline of the episode.

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