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Man, 22, Battered Mother To Death After She Stopped Him Having A ‘Intimate Relationship’ With His Own Sister

A mother in Nigeria was battered to death by her own child in the wake of discovering he had been in a sentimental association with her sister.

A 22-year-old kid, Agaezichi Ogbonna, murdered her mom named Blessing Ogbonna at Akpaa Mbato people group, Obingwa, in the Abia State of Nigeria. The mother got an indication about the disrupting relationship and moved toward the kid to caution about them. She purportedly mentioned and instructed her child to quit having an adoration illicit relationship with her sister. The mother accepted that their relationship was forbidden in their Igbo land.

On Saturday, the mother again found the sweethearts together, and afterward, she cautioned them to surrender their ill-advised act. In any case, she didn’t have the foggiest idea about that was her last words in this word; the child was maddened at his mom and afterward abruptly whipped her, she then passed on.

As indicated by local people, the suspect, Agaezichi, used to beat his mom each time she cautioned about the issue. His relationship with his mom’s sister was outstanding by network individuals, they all cautioned him about that, however, he never tuned in.

The episode was firmly seen by the individuals in the town. When Agaezichi punched his mom, she tumbled to the ground and kicked the bucket. The couple understood that the lady has kicked the bucket; they attempted to run from the spot. Lamentable to Agaezichi, some young in the network caught him. While the sister fled from the scene and they couldn’t get her.

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The child was then hand over to the nearby police headquarters. Abia State Police Area Commander, ACP Peter Opara, announced that the suspect and affirmed murder, Agaezichi Ogbonna was under their guardianship, and he will, in the end, get a brutal discipline for his wrongdoing.

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