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Netflix’s Eastsider Season 4 To Premiere This December, Here’s Everything We Know About It

Season 4 of Eastsiders seems like it will be moving ahead after it receives funding through Kickstarter but will the new and final season of EastSiders be coming to Netflix? That’s what we want to know. The series EastSiders is an LGBT drama series that’s been nominated for many Emmy awards. The series goes around Cal who along with his friends goes through a period where he discovers out his partner Thom is cheating on him. And seasons 1 to 3 of EastSiders has now been open on Netflix for some time.

Season 4 taken the route of the previous 3 seasons to remain an independent production and be funded partly on Kickstarter. And the campaign at the time of writing had reached its initial funding goal of $100k. In all the previous seasons of Eastsiders, all have been funded independently and are not part of the Netflix Original program. Netflix has been widely influential in growing the show’s audience.

The shows creator Kit Williamson questioning whether season 4 would be befalling to Netflix over Twitter back in September 2018:

Now, Netflix has scheduled the release date for Eastsider season 4 for December 1st, 2019 and also received confirmation that season 4 is set to be the final season of the LGBT drama. It is time to mark your calendar as Netflix has announced the premiere date for the final season of the series. Season 4 will land on the streaming service on December 1.

The drama which stars Kit Williamson and John Halbach pick up the action a year after the events of season three of Eastsiders. And the fourth season of Eastsiders will consist of six episodes.  Apart from Van Hansis, Constance Wu Matthew McKelligon, Stephen Guarino, Brianna Brown, and Willam Belli star in the series; Season 4 will observe some new faces which include Jake Choi, Hailee Sahar, Tom Lenk, Daniel Newman, Lin Shaye, Bryan Batt (Mad Men) and Traci Lords.  

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