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Alexis Crawford, Missing College Student Found Dead Days After Reporting A ‘Physical Abuse’ Incident Involving Friend’s Boyfriend

A missing Georgia college student was discovered dead on Friday, November 8, after a week after she reported that her roommate’s lover possibly physically assaulted her.

Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford, 21-year-old, was last observed alive on October 30 at a liquor shop, where Alexis had reportedly asked her roomie, Jordyn Jones, 21-year-old, to take her before her disappearance. Jordyn Jones declared Alexis Crawford was nowhere to be seen the next morning and that the front door was secured.

Alexis Crawford’s body was reportedly discovered in Exchange Park in Decatur. Sources report that Jordyn Jones and her boyfriend, Barron Brantley, 21-year-old, have admitted to some involvement in Alexis’s disappearance and that one of them directed detectives to her body.

Days before her disappearance, on October 27, Alexis registered a police report in which she claimed that Barron Brantley had touched and kissed her without her approval.

According to the sources, the report also said that she, Jordyn, and Barron were soaking on the night of the event and that Barron later declared he believed he was touching his girlfriend.

Barron purportedly then followed Alexis into her room. Jordyn reportedly told police that she slammed on the bathroom door until her companion exited shirtless. He dismissed having physical contact with Alexis before leaving the house in his girlfriend’s car, as per the sources.

Alexis was reportedly discovered nearly exposed in her bathroom. According to the police report, she told her roomie that she could not recall Barron being in the bathroom with her before she dropped awareness.

Sources report that Alexis was hospitalized and an abuse kit was conducted. Alexis disappeared 3 days later.

A missing person’s report stated that Jordyn told police that she and Alexis were not on speaking terms due to a “separate incident.”
However, she purportedly declared she took Alexis to the liquor shop at about 11:30 p.m. and had last observed her at their residence at around 12:30 a.m. before she went to bed.

Ms. Alexis Crawford’s bedroom was still in the very condition as it was from 10/26/2019, when a separate event occurred, and Ms. Alexis Crawford also told friends that she wasn’t comfortable sleeping in there and had been resting in the living room since that period,” the report also cited.

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